Experience the forefront of advanced pharmaceutical solutions through our Innovating product – Hypochlorous Acid by Spud Gene. Our mission is to provide you with a sustainable and versatile form of hypochlorous acid, meticulously crafted for various pharmaceutical applications. With a range of different concentrations, our product opens doors to innovative treatments and care across multiple domains.

Product Overview

Discover the potential of Hypochlorous Acid in its most sustainable and effective form. Produced exclusively by Spud Gene through patented technology, our hypochlorous acid offers unparalleled quality and performance for pharmaceutical applications.

Key Applications

Wound Healing and Skin Lesion Treatment:Harness the healing power of hypochlorous acid for the treatment of wounds and skin lesions. Its natural antimicrobial properties aid in reducing infection risk and promoting faster healing.

Blepharitis Treatment:Combat bacterial load around the eyes with our specialized hypochlorous acid solution.  This gentle yet potent treatment addresses blepharitis and related concerns.

Implant Surface Cleaning: Our hypochlorous acid solution is effective in cleaning implant surfaces contaminated with bacterial biofilm, ensuring optimal hygiene and reducing the risk of infections.

Dental Care and Plaque Removal:Utilize our hypochlorous acid as a mouthwash to effectively remove dental plaques and maintain oral hygiene, providing a natural and powerful solution for your dental care routine. 

Skin Care:Enhance your skin care regimen with hypochlorous acid. Its versatile properties make it an ideal addition to cosmetic applications, supporting skin health and radiance.

Acne Treatment and Scar Reduction: Address active acne and the scars it leaves behind with the help of our exclusive hypochlorous acid solution. It aids in reducing bacterial presence and promoting smoother skin.

Why Choose Us

Patented Excellence:Spud Gene’s patented technology ensures that you receive a unique and superior hypochlorous acid solution , setting a new standard for pharmaceutical applications. 

Versatility and Innovation: With different concentrations catering to diverse needs , our hypochlorous acid offers innovative solutions across a wide spectrum of treatments and care. 

 Quality and Safety: Our commitment to quality and safety guarantees that you’re working with a product that meets the highest industry standards.